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[GMO] Organisms - John Campbell with Julian Gillespie

Are the Covid-19 drugs produced by Pfizer and Moderna GMOs or genetically modified organisms?

Pfizer and Moderna failed to apply for GMO licences in Australia
[which necessitates safety testing - something that was not done]

Dealing with GMOs in Australia without a GMO licence is a serious criminal offense under Section 32 of the Gene Technology Act 2000

In fact the boss of Australia’s Office of the Gene Technology Regulator, or OGTR, recently admitted to an Australian Senate Committee that both the Pfizer and Moderna products are GMOs

No Australian was told by the OGTR or the TGA that they were being asked to receive Genetically Modified Organisms or GMOs when getting a Covid-19 injection

This is not just an Australian GMO legal issue

Legal action to stop the injections was attempted in both the Federal Court and the High Court of Australia where both refused to hear the evidence, which seems indicative of a political cover up - so that Australian Officials would avoid prosecution.

The Courts avoided creating a huge, international, scandal.

The presiding Judges have a lot to answer for since there is Prima Facie evidence of harm that demands immediate intervention in order to save the lives of the public from a corrupt and incompetent bureaucracy. Arguments that the legal team had no standing, or that there are no grounds for High Court intervention, are a transparent joke. If the High Court does not think it should rule on the matter they MUST demand the Federal Court hear the case.  

It does not take very long, when examining the basic arguments, to understand that something is very wrong with our present situation. The Courts should be acting and working with Mr Gillespie's legal team in order to protect the public. They are failing in their basic duties to protect the public from unlawful behaviour that is literally killing people. 

What's happening presently is that Juilan Gillespie's team has switched strategies and are now seeking the prosecution of Pfizer and Moderna for dishing out a GMO without the necessary approvals that would have involved safety testing. The companies should have been able to tell people taking their injections that they were safe, and be able to show the tests that ruled out interference with human genetics and cancer. None of this was done.  

At the end of the day, if the Public Prosecutors and the Courts refuse to act, when the evidence of harm is so obvious, they make themselves complicit in the crime, via negligence or a deliberate avoidance of their duties. 

In a tribunal system (not covered in the video), any Judges that were party to Crimes Against Humanity could be charged under International Law (ICCPR, Article 7 & Article 4). The overarching issue here is that people were coerced or tricked onto participating in a medical experiment, where there was no informed consent process (which is what the GMO case described in the clip deals with).

The basic argument is not hard to understand. This is why those that are refusing to act to stop the crime, in the Bureaucracy and Judicial system, are almost certainly acting in a criminally negligent (at the very least) way, and are complicit in a crime against humanity. 

Things are running very far from how they should in terms of following safety regulations and law. The lawlessness is transparent and intervention is required. 

The video here is a MUST SEE CLIP with plenty of explanations.

Although things are taking time eventually the truth will win through. Given the mountain of facts eventually the damn will break under the weight of scientific evidence, a key legal victory, and/or the simple fact that people are being injured and killed by a dangerous experimental medicine (where this simple truth will not be going away any time soon). 

Best comment from You Tube:


I worked for the CEO of a major hospital during covid. I was stunned by the level of ignorance of so-called professionals. Worse still were those who were wilfully ignorant. I came to realise it was because they had big salaries and pensions at risk if they didn't follow the herd. It was hard not to lose faith in humanity at that point. I spoke up but was mocked, patronised and mostly ignored. What I know for certain is that, apart from a few good medical professionals here and there, the medical industry is rotten to the core and hijacked by big pharma.

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Ukr Ocheretino Collapse, Brigades Mutiny, Retreat Without Orders; China With Rus, Rejects Sanctions (Alexander Mercouris)

Summary comment from You Tube:


00:04 Russian advance in Ocheretino village
03:08 Ukrainian Brigade mutiny and retreat due to exhaustion, leading to Russian advance near Otino
09:16 Concerns about growing war weariness and exhaustion among Ukrainian soldiers.
12:17 79th Brigade soldiers felt abandoned, ordered retreat from Novo Mika.
18:33 Russian troops advancing in Ukraine towards capturing strategic locations.
21:21 Russian forces gaining strategic control in Ukraine
27:11 United States intends to supply infantry fighting Vehicles to Ukraine
29:55 Ukraine is receiving support in the form of engineers for creating fortified lines.
35:26 Loss of access to the Neer would deprive Ukraine of a key artery
38:29 Risk of equipment shortage and funding crisis for Ukraine
44:10 Ukraine faces potential collapse in Eastern Ukraine.
47:01 Russian forces creating new group, targeting key infrastructure in Ukraine.
52:32 Ukrainian forces depleted and demoralized, Russian forces pose significant threat
55:31 Possible Russian offensive in KH region and China's rejection of US sanctions
1:01:24 China urges balanced and sustainable European security framework
1:04:17 US increasing pressure on China in military, economic, and trade fields
1:09:51 United States likely to impose sanctions on Chinese Banks
1:12:41 Western economies face supply problems and inflation pressures.
1:18:40 Global shift towards BRICS and China
1:21:27 Discussion on the economic dynamics in the context of the Ukraine war
1:27:06 Risk of provoking China similar to awaking a sleeping giant
Crafted by Merlin AI.

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The US Approved A Military Aid Package | Unstoppable Russians. Military Summary For 2024.04.24

Latest map update from the military summary channel.

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St George's Day CHAOS: Police USE FORCE Against Patriots (Reasoned)

Today in London, the Met Police brought in the horses against patriots after just a bit of confusion as to why the police were creating a barrier around them. Was it really necessary to charge horses into the crowd? Looks like two-tier policing to me - do you see the pro-Palestinian marches receiving the same treatment?

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Trump Trial Day 6 RECAP! From Alleged Contempt of Gag Order to 1st Witness Pecker! Viva Frei Vlawg

Latest update video.

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UFO historian Michael Schratt joins Richard during the second half of this special episode, which was sparked by a powerful statement from Christopher Mellon on April 22. On his substack page, Mellon shared a redacted and annotated screenshot of an exchange he had on Signal with a senior government official from around 2020. This official discussed access to a U.S. alien technology recovery and exploitation program. The official also mentioned that progress was being made in accessing a classified program related to a UAP that landed in Kingman, Arizona, in the 1950s. In addition, he referred to the program's management, security controls, and the recovery process for landed or crashed UAPs. Finally, he mentioned a classified memo from the 1950s by a Secretary of the USAF as as still being in effect to maintain secrecy this matter. All of this is new information. Most importantly, it is supported by longstanding UFO research into the matter, an abundance of which is provided by Michael Schratt.

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Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Col. Douglas Macgregor: Ukraine: What Happens Now? (Judging Freedom)

The Colonel and the Judge discuss the $61 billion sent to Ukraine while laws are passed in the US allowing the Government to spy on the population. The future for Ukraine is likely to be a Rump State that is effectively a demilitarised zone.  

The video also covers the fighting in the Middle East and the capabilities of Iran being able to strike Israel with long range missiles. 

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Russia SWARMS Ukraine Town with Upgraded Turtle Tanks (History Legends)

Difficult situation in Krasnohorivka. Major attack by 5th Motorized Brigade of the DPR supported by turtle tanks. Urgent need of reinforcements for Ukraine.

An explanation of how the fighting is conducted plus map update.

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Freedom fighter Monica Smit discusses her determination to seek justice against Victoria Police over wrongful arrests during Victoria's infamous COVID lockdowns.

Monica is taking the police to court over being wrongfully arrested three times. She has a future court appearance over her incitement of people to break the lockdown measures that she considered were illegal. This second case should air the Government's legal/medical advice for what they did. It's likely they didn't have any solid grounds for what they did. Fines against people breaking the restrictions have, in all likelihood, been dropped in court for this reason. Certainly there was no legal justification for the medical mandates that later came into effect. People overseas are now being compensated in court cases for loss of employment.

Note: Some countries did not lockdown and did not suffer the projected casualty rates that were cooked up by the authorities. There were also warnings about the impact of the lockdowns, that they would cause more harm than good (the Great Barrington Declaration). Analysis has shown that the virus acted similarly to a bad influenza outbreak, with almost all of the deaths occurring in the frail and elderly (people dying WITH Covid), and from hospital protocols (deadly Remdesivir/ventilator treatments), and mistreating people with pneumonia (who were classed as having Covid).

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Sheila Gunn Reid reports from outside the Westminster Magistrates' Court in London, England, where Tommy Robinson is hoping for a positive result ahead of Tuesday's court ruling after he was arrested for allegedly breaching a dispersal order at a Nov. 2023 rally against antisemitism.



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Young German Muslims want Caliphate! (Jeff Taylor)

Now, a study in Germany of young followers of Islam, has found that nearly half of them want to live in an Islamic theocracy as opposed to a democracy - how can this possibly be true ......?

Mass migration will end in warfare in Europe going by this information.

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Woke Sweet Baby Inc KILLED An Entire Studio After Working On Their Game | Gamers Are SICK Of This (RK Outpost)

The lesson, to avoid potential financial disaster, is to keep woke consultants and developers away from your entertainment project.

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EVS rants about sticking to basic principles in the culture war against SJW cancel culture. If the SJWs cancel people, and stop them doing business, then it should be a big deal. However infighting has caused some of those people in the fight to keep their mouths shut when the cancelling happens to creators they don't like.  

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Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Rus Brushes Off $61B Ukr Package; Intensifies Advance, 2 Villages Captured; Israel Attack Iran Base (Alexander Mercouris)

When it comes to the $61B Ukraine funding package Assange's observation about the war in Afghanistan comes to mind:

"The goal is to use Afghanistan to wash money out of the tax bases of the US and Europe through Afghanistan and back into the hands of a transnational security elite. The goal is an endless war, not a successful war"

The bottom line is that the war funding package is not going to prevent the Russians from winning as the Ukrainian military shows ever increasing signs they are falling apart. What's happening is a rush to wash conjured money into the pockets of those that will profit from the conflict. 

The exchanges of fire between Israel and Iran appear to be diminishing. 

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US Passes $61 Billion Ukraine Spending Bill But Lacks Arms/Ammunition to Send in Sufficient Amounts (TheNewAtlas)

- US passes $61 billion spending bill for Ukraine but lack sufficient weapons and ammunition to sustain Ukrainian forces on the battlefield;

- Ukraine faces critical shortages of artillery shells and air defense interceptors that the US and Europe are unable to produce in sufficient quantities;

- Western media admits Ukraine faces defeat;

The US money does not matter. The war is a battle of logistics. It's industrial warfare, where the Western countries backing Ukraine are no longer industrial powerhouses. Russia, on the other hand, maintained their industrial base and has a large enough population to maintain a huge advantage over whatever the West is fielding in Ukraine. 

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The Iraq War Wasn't About Oil (GDF)

The 2003 invasion of Iraq was a neocon project. They had long wanted to destroy Iraq that posed a limited threat to nuclear armed Israel. Key neocon individuals were in office during the Bush Administration that helped cook up the threat of Saddam's WMDs and ties to Al Qaeda terrorists (that did not exist). This is why there was a war in 2003. 

One can understand why the Israelis would want to destroy their neighbours, since they pose an ongoing threat to their country (that was built on mass migration from Europe), but the destabilisation of the Middle East is now directly responsible for a whole host of disasters facing the West today.

One key disaster inflicted upon Europe, due to Middle Eastern and North African conflict, is mass migration. Wherever it is applied (mass migration) the results are bad. Mass migration of Europeans into Palestine was not good for the Arabs, and mass migration into Europe is bad for the Europeans.

Israel's actions in the Middle East, and their political influence in the West (with key globalist/neocons advocating for open borders), has posed a direct threat to Europe with the prospect a future civil war in France or the UK between migrants and native people. The threat of internal war applies to a number of other European countries housing masses of unassimilating migrants. 

What needs to happen is an honest discussion about what's going on - with the redrawing of territories to give separate cultures and people a place to live, and the closing of international borders (plus the deportations of newly arrived migrants in the West). None of these solutions are easy to enact, but they must be undertaken to ensure future peace.    

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What Edward Snowden Just Said About The NSA Is TERRIFYING And Should Worry All Of Us (Russell Brand)

The NSA is ’just days from taking over the internet’ warns Edward Snowden, referring to FISA Section 702.

The clip warns about increased powers given to the NSA, working with corporations, that would allow them to spy on domestic citizens as opposed to foreign nations. However, the NSA almost certainly already spies on everyone, only that it is currently illegal. Assume they are always watching.

Note: The powers they are being given will be used against domestic dissenters, as part of a police state, rather than used to stop overseas, or terrorist threats. The security state actually favours actions by terrorists because it allows them to pass more draconian laws. The county already has enough laws to deal with current threats. 

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Trump Trial RECAP! Opening Arguments in the SHAM of a Political Persecution! Viva Frei Vlawg

Dictatorship USA Trump trial update.

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The prisoners are running the asylum.

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Gay Black Doctor Who Gets DESTROYED | Woke Star Says He's A Victim And It's EASY For White People (RK Outpost)

This is insane. Why can't the showrunners honor the traditional character of Dr Who, who is known as a white 'British' man? They're changing things for the sake of it. The problem with the woke activists is that they can't create new woke characters because the public will reject them. This is why existing popular characters are being hijacked. 

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Monday, April 22, 2024


The latest summary of sudden deaths and illnesses reported in the media from around the world. The significance is that young people are dying suddenly in large numbers.

When checked against the excess death statistics from around the world we find that this video series reflects a disturbing reality.

What this is is a warning to stop using the experimental mRNA technology. 

What can you do as an individual? Vote against all the major parties that supported this. They won't stop pushing the jabs until the public makes them, or if there is successful legal action, or via pressure due to continuing medical research, plus activism from courageous politicians and medicos that are now speaking out in greater numbers.

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Novomykhailivka, Berdychi And Semenivka Have Fallen | Military Summary And Analysis For 2024.04.21

Latest map update.

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Billions of dollars go to Ukraine so they can defend their borders and yet no money is going to the US Southern border. The stooges here care more about Ukraine than the USA. On Twitter the hashtag 'treason' has been trending.

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Joe Rogan Goes Quiet as Tucker Carlson Drops Bone-Chilling Reality

“Members of Congress are terrified of the intel agencies. I’m not guessing at that. They’ve told me that, including people who run the intel committee.”

What Tucker said next was even more revealing.

“I said to somebody, a very powerful person, the other day, in a conversation in my kitchen, an elected official — holds a really senior position... But I was like, ‘All these people are controlled. They’ve all got weird s*x lives, and all these things they’re hiding, and they’re being blackmailed by the intel agencies.’ And he said, and I’m quoting, ‘I know.’ I was like, okay, so at this point, we’re just sort of admitting that’s real? Like, why do we allow that to continue?”

It's very dangerous at the top of the tree. Those that get there usually make it because they're being controlled. Many are already corrupted at some level. This problem needs to be solved. It basically means the stooges in office will support wars, cover up State involved crimes (with phony hearings, or with zero hearings), approve laws to crack down on your rights, agree to any and all globalist/corporatist schemes, approve forced medications etc. A lot of them are already doing 'dumb' things because they are taking lobbying money. It's a wicked mess that ends up killing people.

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Democrats Are Trying to Have Trump KILLED! "DISGRACE" Act is Legislative Assassination - Viva Frei

The US as a third world dictatorship ...

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Why He Left the Organization (Jordan Peterson)

Part interview with Dr. Patrick Moore

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Sunday, April 21, 2024

The Vaccine Passport LIE Just COLLAPSED And The WHO Are FURIOUS! (Russell Brand)

As the WHO’s leading vaccine expert admits in court that vaccine passports may have been a scam due to the fact that the vaccines did not stop transmission. Were vaccine passports just one part of an axis that allowed for increased regulations and government control, as well as gigantic profits from the big government donors, the pharmaceutical industry?

The jabs did not work as advertised. They did not stop transmission of the virus. This is why many people were against taking the experimental jabs and against the mandates to take them. They knew, from big pharma company admissions, that their product was supposed to operate like a therapeutic, and it did not stop transmission of the virus. Studies have shown no appreciable difference in transmission between those with the virus who were jabbed and those that were unjabbed. This is because the shots don't prime the mucosal system to defend against an airborne virus. All of this information was available BEFORE any of the jabs were rolled out. The problem was that people in authority, and in general, did not want to know about it. They simply followed, or were coerced into following, the official protocols which were to restrict those without a vaccine passport, including terminating their employment (where it was for completely unjustifiable reasons, as just explained).

This entire situation is monstrous. What's worse is that people in authority are still criminally pushing the experimental shots as being safe and effective when neither is true.  

Brand's summary at the end of the clip is right on about the two competing narratives; of a natural virus where we were 'saved' by big pharma; or a concocted virus made by big pharma, which was then used to sell a dangerous solution concocted by big pharma ($$$), that was also used to usher in draconian control measures (where we still face this threat thanks to the upcoming WHO Treaty).

Best comments on You Tube:


The WHO must be disbanded and defunded in its entirety, along with the WEF and UN.

The jab killed my brother. I refused and was highly discriminated against in society. I will not forget, and i will not forgive.

I live in Canada. They shut down my business of 20 years because I fed an unvaccinated man a pizza. The unscientific & immoral vaccine passport was the catalyst for the Trucker Convoy and the Coutts Border Blockade. Recently the vaccine passport and all covid mandates were ruled ILLEGAL in my province of Alberta. The only place in the world where that has happened. I am suing my government and our health gestapo Alberta Health Services for the unlawful closure of my restaurant and I am expected top win. For all those out there who are demoralized and have given hope I urge you to stay strong and keep the faith, time will expose the criminals responsible for these reprehensible crimes. Three things cannot be hidden forever, the sun, the moon and the truth.

Editor's Comment:

What is the point of these posts? To encourage people to vote against any more of this craziness. You can still vote. So don't support people and parties that defends the official narrative. You might have less of a chance of surviving round two if this is tried once more. If EVERYONE refuses this crap does not work. That was our problem the last time, too much compliance. And people not listening to what the dissenters had to say, or at least not taking it deadly seriously. The dissenters were actually trying to save people's lives, not just their own. And they risked everything to do so. It was not a light thing. One must also consider what doctors and nurses refused to participate in what happened, which begs the question about the details. Why were these people refusing?? Where they just being stupidly selfish and had unfounded conspiracy driven fears? (which is not an argument because it does not address details) What was their specific argument? And when you know ... that none of the mandates made any sense ... that people were being railroaded into a dangerous experiment ...

Going back in time, there were a few red flags that should have stopped people cold, aside from knowing the jabs did not stop transmission.

1 Was the shameless propaganda against Ivermectin, and the fact that people in authority did not speak out against it. A HUGE red flag that something was seriously wrong, on multiple levels of society.
2 That there were more deaths in the efficacy trial for the jabbed group than the placebo group that was handwaved away without explanation. What the hell?
3 That they jabbed the placebo group shortly after they got their short term results. This is big. They jabbed up their placebo group. You don't have to be an expert in anything to realise this was BS, in terms of safety, and later efficacy monitoring. It's straight up fraudulent activity.

So the evidence was there, for anyone to see, that the public was being hoodwinked with the official promises.

Two other points were;

4 the jab tech would cause your body to attack your own cells (which happens with viral infections).
5 that, most importantly, the lipids would transport the material to cells all over your body via the vascular system, where the vascular system would be attacked (putting holes in it, and clotting) and also into nearby cells. We know this from data released by Japanese health authorities. The lipid material distributed to all organs, including the heart, brain, liver, bones, etc. It's why we see adverse reactions that involve heart problems, neurological problems, stroke etc. The jab material did not stay in the arm as people assumed. The data, coming from Pfizer itself, and released by the Japanese, proved otherwise.

This last point about biodistribution might have been realised at a later time than the other stuff. But warnings about this possibility were issued by people like Dr Bhakdi before any of this stuff was rolled out.

Regardless, the first 3 points were a huge sign to not go along with the con.

So act accordingly now that you know.

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Excess deaths and data deficit [UK Parliamentary Debate] - John Campbell

More people are dying now than before the pandemic. This is a big problem that the authorities are ignoring, because they are responsible for it.

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State suppression of dissent. 

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This Should End The Bogus Jan 6 Prosecutions! (Jimmy Dore)

The January 6th protesters are exactly that - protesters. They are being politically persecuted for committing misdemeanors. The criminal charges they face are cooked up nonsense. People have the right to protest. It's not illegal to do so, right or wrong.

Additional comment:

Hopefully the supreme Court steps in to stop the nonsense. Right or wrong, people have the right to protest. They were protesting the lack of due process concerning the 2020 election. They justifiably wanted the ballots audited which never happened. Other protest actions on any subject, where people are essentially petitioning their supposed representatives, would become illegal if we follow what the Gov prosecution is doing to these protesters. Those that trashed property can be charged with criminal damage.

The big overarching crime, that led to this situation, was the obvious lack of due process when it came to the ballot counting/auditing. Having a cooked election is a serious matter. It means you don't have democracy anymore. It means that other candidates can be cheated by the Deep State, such as RFK jr, or anyone else. This is the road to a dictatorship where you don't have any rights and where the perpetual pro war party is always in office.

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